16th (Monday) at 6:15 PM              EA Rehearsal

21st (Saturday) at 8AM                   One-Day-to-Masonry at the Minneapolis Scottish Rite

23rd (Monday) at 7PM                    EA Degree

29th (Sunday) at 4PM                     Officer Meeting


4th (Saturday) at 6PM                     Southeast Area Valentine's Day Dinner in Northfield

6th (Monday) at 7PM                      Stated Communication

6th (Monday)                                   Geo. Washington Birthday (observed) immediately following the Stated Communication

26th (Sunday) at 4PM                     Officer Meeting

6th (Monday) at 7PM                      Stated Communication

25th (Saturday) at 8AM                  Statewide Membership Conference at the Minneapolis Scottish Rite

26th (Sunday) at 4PM                     Officer Meeting


1st (Saturday) at 8AM                      Southeast Area Ritual Competition

3rd (Monday) at 7PM                      Stated Communication

4th (Tuesday) at 5PM                      SALSALICIOUS at the St. James Hotel

14th & 15th                                      Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota - AF & AM

23rd (Sunday) at 4PM                     Officer Meeting


1st (Monday) at 7PM                        Stated Communication

19th (Friday) at 5:30 PM                   Red Wing Table Lodge

Red Wing Lodge Calendar

For more than 165 years, the Lodge has held its monthly meeting on the first Monday.  We continue to do so at 7PM, save the month of September when we meet on the second Monday at 7PM in observance of Labor Day, and the months of July and August when Stated Communications are briefly paused.