News & Events

This publication is issued with the permission of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Minnesota - AF & AM.

October Stated Communication: Dinner? Check. Guests? Check. Great night of Masonry? Check.  Don't miss out!

November Stated Communication: People will start thinking all we do is eat, but November's meeting marks our annual celebration of all things turkey dinner.  Clear you calendar and come hungry.

New MembersThese last months have been great, and we've had new Brothers initiated, raised, and interest continues aplenty.  Make certain to stop by on Stated Meeting nights to welcome all the new faces! 

SALSALICIOUS 2023: What an event it was!  The 11th Annual Salsalicious non-profit extravaganza raised nearly $73,000 for charity.  Added to the totals from our first decade, this year pushes the event well past $345,000 in earnings since its inception, and we hope to just keep rolling along.  Well done all!

Be A Freemason:  Do you have questions about our Fraternity, or have an interest in becoming a member?  With thanks to Shriners International and the Northern & Southern Jurisdictions of the Scottish Rite, here's the web-link for you: